LPA is the training, member and event development affilate of OneSource for Longevity & Retirement Readiness (formerly OneSource for Senior Living) (OSLRP).   OSLRP is a fast growing 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping people enjoy the benefits of living longer through better education and more innovation. 
We Don't Do it For the Income...We Do It for the Outcome!
As a direct affiliate of OSLRP,  LPA contributes 100% of its net profits to OSLRP.    LPA believes that by controlling the educational approach. member and event development it can ensure that OSLRP delivers a non-biased, high quality and consistent service to the community.
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ALRA is comprised of a very diverse and growing membership of longevity and retirement professionals.    Members work as financial advisors, insurance and investment specialists, CPA's, attorneys, health and wellness specialist, realtors, mortgage specialists, medical professionals and a variety of other professions.  Join Now.. 

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